Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Monday, 22 March 2010

A Word

Last Sunday, Mark and I had the privilege of giving our testimony on tithing. We are blessed in this area and we have lots to say. However, Our main focus was on the obedience of tithing and interpretation of the Malachi 3:10 verse. We had an enjoyable time discussing the privilege of tithing with our church family.

So, before some of you stop reading this post, it isn't about tithing it is about what happened after the service that I want to share.

A man came up to me. I have never seen him. He thanked me for giving my testimony and said that God had given him a word for me. At that very moment, my heart sunk. What the man didn't know was that my prayers all week was to hear from God through man. I wanted some encouragement in my present situation.

So, as I put my listening ears to hear the man, I realized that I was listening to hear what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear something like this:
"Susan, Mark will have a job by xx date
and you will live in xx
city and you will buy xx house
and you will live happily ever after."

It took awhile, but I realized that isn't what he was saying. He proceeded to explain to me that God had not forgotten the love we shared with the soldiers that were at our house during Christmas and Thanksgiving. He said that God really appreciated us ministering to His people. Then he told me something gut wrenching. He said that God loves me. Wow! I know that, but at that moment I really needed to hear that I was loveable.

I am in one of those funks...where I see myself for who I am and wonder why anyone would want me to be their wife, mother, sister, friend, etc.

Unfortunately, I have sinned and my sins still haunt character still haunts me.

I know I have come along way, but I see how much further I need to go. I see my laziness and my complacency. I see my fears and how I allow them to control me. I struggle with anger issues and controlling my tongue. Selfishness keeps me from ministering to those around me with a cheerful heart. That is just to name a few of my character flaws.

So, to hear that God loves me rocked me...

It reminded me that my relationship with the Creator of the Universe should be built on love and not my to do list. It reminded me that regardless of my failures He loves me. It encouraged me to keep pressing on. It helped me to believe that God has a great plan for my life. It has helped me to seize the day and rest in the Arms of the One who loves me.

Just for the record...I have it on good record that God loves you too....regardless...

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