Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday update on Addy

Addy is presently in the OR. She is being closed up. She had a fabulous day yesterday and her liver enzymes and her billirubin are all NORMAL! Her blood pressure is normal and she is getting rid of the fluid. They will slowly start unsedating her--it could take a few days. The family is ecstatic. They have not seen Addy awake or held her in the last two weeks.

Amy is not being discharged today. She is very nauseous. Please pray for her today.

Many thanks to all of you.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wednesday Update on Addy

Addy is doing fabulous. Her lungs have reinflated and her liver enzymes are down. They were at 3000 and now are at 80, just above normal. They are switching her sedation meds because Addy is beginning to wake up. She should be closed up on Thursday. I guess she will be slowly awaken after being closed up. Let us continue to pray against infection and rejection of the new liver.

Amy is doing well too. She is going to be discharged tomorrow.

Wow, I love being apart of something bigger than myself.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Addy Update--Monday

We just had an update on Addy. She is doing better. She has begun to relieve herself of the fluid in her body, but she still has lots of fluid. Her lungs are beginning to inflate and they can hear air flow, but her lungs still have the chance to get an infection with all the extra fluid.. Also, her blood pressure is all over the place.

Amy is doing well.

The family is asking that we pray about the extra fluid and her blood pressure. Blessings to all of you.

A detailed life....

I didn't want to do it, but I have to. Everything in me wants to just get by. So what do I have to do....well--

I have to schedule our days. We can't get it all done when I am floating through the day. Somehow, I must love on each child (the way they receive love), homeschool, cook, clean, do laundry and still find time to spend time with the man of my dreams. I haven't been very successful in completing my tasks lately.

So in my devotional time the other day, God slapped me upside the head with Scripture.

In 1 Corinthians 14:33, "For God is not a God of disorder but of peace." My house is in disorder. The laundry floats from tables to baskets to even the floor at times. My children are also in disorder. Their devotions are scattered and their Awana verses are not being practiced daily. I am also frazzled which normally leads to nothing productive.

So, in order to restore peace to my home, I must enforce the schedule. I don't think the kids will fight it as much as myself. Yet, it is a necessary part for my home to run smoothly.

Another verse that God laid on my heart that day is 1 Corinthians 14:40. "But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way." Um, I think that screams we need a schedule in order for all of us to be productive.

So, beginning tomorrow I will take the first step to bring order to my home which will bring peace and prosperity to my family of 7.

My Mom

Two years ago today, my Mom passed away from this world to a world of no more pain or suffering. I am grateful to God that He took her to a place of complete freedom. However, I must be honest I still miss her. This morning I was pondering this day two years ago.

I would like to share with you my side of that day. It is more or less a journaling experience for me. I never want to forget what I felt that day. My desire is to remember so that I may empathize with others in their grief. I want to be able to help others by sharing my own experience.

We knew Momma was sick. However, she normally called to tell us good-bye if she was struggling to breathe. We had no phone call. In fact, in my talk with Mom the night before she was emotional. She was ready for me to be back in Texas. She wanted me to come home. We said our last goodbyes and I never knew it.

The next day I was a bit anxious all day. I had no good reason for being anxious, but I was. I couldn't figure out what had me so out of whack. I tried calling Mom all day long, but no answer. This was not completely unusual if Mom was having a bad day. So, that night I called my sister to see if she had heard from Mom. It was during that conversation that my step-dad called.

His words to me were loud and clear. "Susan, she's gone." I could hear tears and utter helplessness. Immediately, I called my sister and told her to go to Mom's that she was dead. I didn't use any nice words. I didn't cover it up for my children. In fact, they found out that their Granny had died by me screaming to my sister. I was a mess. The next few hours are a bit of a blur. I know I cried and screamed and yelled out for my heart was breaking.

Mark was working that night. A friend brought him home. He walked through the door and I once again began to wail and fell into Mark's arms. His friend came in and played with the boys.

My Mom was gone. I wanted to be there when she left this world and into the next. I wanted to know how she died. I wanted answers.

They never came. I had to put my trust in God and believe that He was with Mom in her last moments here on earth.

Two years later the pain is less than it was. I don't cry out anymore. I don't scream. I just keep going and thank God for the small reminders of my Mom. He allows me to see her in my children and even in myself at times. I am grateful to have had her for 33 years of my life.

So, today two years later, I am reflecting on lessons my Mom taught me. So, here are a few of them that came to my mind today.

1. She taught me to be honest regardless of the consequences.

2. She taught and showed me unconditional love.

3. She showed me what hope looks like in the mist of complete chaos.

4. She taught me how to fight and do what is right regardless of the pressure around you.

5. She showed me how to work out my Salvation with fear and trembling.

6. She taught me the power of prayer.

7. She held her possessions loosely and her family tightly.

8. She showed me the blessing of forgiveness.

9. She taught me the blessing of giving all that you have to the God of all.

10. She taught me the purpose of Scripture.

Her children do rise and call her blessed.

Update on Addy

Thank you so much for your prayers. Abby is doing well with her new liver. However, her lungs have collapsed and they are trying to re inflate them. The family has not sent out a new update on Addy's condition. So, she must be doing okay.

Amy, Addy's liver donor, is doing well. She is out of ICU and has been on a few small walks. I have heard that it will take 3 months for Amy to finish recovering from the surgery.

Let us continue to pray for God's healing hands upon Addy and Amy. May we also pray for comfort during the ups and downs of the transplant roller coaster.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Best Friends

Mary-Elizabeth doesn't understand it fully, but she has a friend that adores her. Her friend is 10 years older and lavishes love on her. She loves on her by carrying her around, playing games, and showing her the appropriate behavior of girls. In shorter words, she spends time with her. She is a superb role model for my little girl.

It is important for us to have friends. Friends help us to carry on and fight. They help us to relax and laugh. They allow us to be who we are and yet will spur us on to be who God has created us to be.

We have been blessed with friends everywhere we go. Unfortunately, it takes time to make those life long bonds. Yet, it is in those lonely times that we realize what a friend we have in Jesus. Ultimately, He is our best friend. When we are forced to say good bye to our friends on earth He is still here. He is the one who carries us in the stormy weather and dances with us in the sunshine. He is our all and all. Are you being a good friend and spending time with Him?

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights." James 1:17a

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday Addy update

Addy's liver is failing. She will need another transplant. She is blessed to have an aunt who is going to be a living transplant for her. The surgery is set for Friday please pray for Addy, her parents, grandparents and her Aunt Amy who will be donating a part of her liver tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Praying for Addy

Please pray for baby Addy. The parents are feeling a bit discouraged today. Her liver enzymes have gone up. This can be normal, but Addy also has arterial clot which causes further complications. Tomorrow they will look at her bile ducts to see if they are working properly. If they aren't then they will do another liver transplant. If the ducts look okay they will then do a biopsy and make certain the liver is working appropriately. She has a 50/50 chance of needing another transplant. Please continue to pray for these young parents.

If you are a facebook junkie you can join the group 'Pray for Addy.' You can get updates sooner. Thank you for being apart of something bigger than any of us...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Music is healing to my soul. It gives me freedom to cry and freedom to rejoice. I am grateful to have a plethora of stuff to choose from. Lately, I have been listening to my new Point of Grace cd. Wow! I am in love with the entire cd...just ask my kids. There is one song that continues to play in my mind long after it leaves the speaker. I wanted to share the words with you. It speaks volumes to my soul and refreshes me to face the day with dignity, grace, mercy and excitement. Enjoy!

You Are God
When the sun starts to rise and I open my eyes.
You are good, so good.
In the heat of the day with each stone that I lay.
You are good, so good
With every breath I take in.
I'll tell you I'm grateful again.
When the moon rises high before each kiss goodnight.
You are good.
When the road starts to turn around each bend I've learned.
You are good, so good.
And when somebody's hand holds me up, helps me stand.
You are good
So, how can I thank you.
And what can I bring?
What can a poor man lay at the feet of a king.
So, I'll sing you a love song.
It's all that I have.
To tell you I'm grateful.
For holding my life in your hands
When its dark and its cold and I can't feel my soul.
You are still good
When the world has gone gray and rain's here to stay.
You are still good
With every breath I take in.
I'll tell you I'm grateful again.
And the storm may swell even then it is well.
You are Good!

The words are fabulous, but the song will speak to your soul.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday Addy Update

Addy is holding her own. She has a blood clot again, but they are trying a new technique. They have made this hyperbaric tent in hopes to get extra oxygen to her liver. The doctors are hopeful that they will have her come out of sedation and off oxygen on Thursday. Let us continue to pray for this family. The option of a new transplant is not off the table. Thank you for praying.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Addy Update

Addy's liver had a blood clot that had to be removed yesterday. They were unsuccessful in removing the entire blood clot, but God is faithful. Her liver is doing its job despite the set backs. Her level of toxins is down. We are praying for the family, no blood clots and no more complications. Thank you for your prayers. The family is handling the situation well and have left their daughter in the hands of their God. He is greater than all things. In Him will we trust. Praying for you sweet little Addy.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Baby Addy Update

The family was able to see Addy this morning and at 3:00. She is on muscle relaxers and sedation, but she looks good. In fact, her mother said she looks great. She has blood drawn every six hours to check her levels. The level of toxins have already decreased. The doctors are pleased. We are all believing God to be huge through this entire situation. We wait in anticipation of what God is doing. Blessings to you all!

More Information on Baby Addy

Addy was born last June and diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. It is a rare liver disease that can be corrected with surgery; however, the surgery failed. It was agreed that she would need a liver transplant. The transplant would be put off until she was stronger or in liver failure. The family was blessed within days of being in liver failure a liver was found that would be a good match for Addy.

The family is asking for special prayer for CJ, Addy's 2 year old brother. He is staying with his aunt while his Mom and Dad are hanging out with Addy. It could be some time before the family is reconnected.

Update on Baby Addy

Please continue to pray for Baby Addy. She came through surgery with some complications. She is on blood thinners and will be sedated for the next 4-5 days. Please pray for the following: 1. no more blood clots. 2. Her body would accept the liver. 3. Comfort and physical needs of her parents to be met. 4. The liver recovers from being on ice longer than expected.

From what I can read, Baby Addy should do okay if her body doesn't reject her new liver. The main drawback is that the complications in surgery is going to make the process longer.

Thank you for praying.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Praying for Baby Addy

Please pray for baby Adddy. Right now she is in surgery having a
liver transplant. Her parents' names are Megan and Casey.
She has a big brother CJ.