Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Friday, 8 January 2016

My God is Mighty

As I look back on this year I realize how big it has been. I had my first lead in a dance recital, we had a miscarriage, I found a job, I had my wisdom teeth removed (and got 2 dry sockets), I have been sick with no reason why. I had a million and one test on my kidneys. I’m learning a new language.  I’ve dealt with my own personal issues. I’ve had friendships that were strong grow weaker and those that were weak grow stronger.
And through this whole journey I experienced Love, Joy, Stress, Anger, Depression, Peace, but most of all do you know what I learned….. I learned who my God was. I have grown closer to God in this last year then I have the last 8 of being a Christian. My God is so big, so strong, and so powerful there is nothing He cannot do. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me next year.

Written in December 2015

Thursday, 7 January 2016


When I was younger I thought the only way to worship was to go to church. Of course I knew that you worship Christ in all you do but I thought that was the only way to get refreshed. And if you weren’t doing everything in the church then you can’t be doing the “Christianly thing.”
I was wrong. There are so many others way of worshiping. I know personally for me its dance My way of worship is through dance. I am incredibly refreshed and at peace when I am dancing especially in my Christian lyrical dance class.
Everyone need to find their way to worship. For some it may be playing with their kids, for others it may be planning kid’s ministry. It doesn’t matter what it is. The point is to find it, and to not judge others because the way they worship does not fit in your mind.