Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Well, life as been extremely busy. I went to the ob about 2 weeks ago and received the news I didn't want to hear. Basically, he believes that between 28-32 weeks my blood pressure will go crazy. The type of crazy that will not be completely affected by meds and will probably need bed rest or at least house arrest!

So, after the initial shock of the situation I picked myself up and decided that I might want to get busy doing the things that need to get done. So, in the last two weeks, we have fixed the younger boys room up with bunk beds and a new dresser. We have decorated Mary-Elizabeth's nursery and I have a 'to-do' list that consists of 30things to do before bed rest. I have completed 5 of them!

Mark has been a trooper and has stayed right beside me the whole way and helped out greatly. Projects have no longer been just for weekends! We are getting things done! In the meantime, I have experienced some crazy stuff with my blood pressure. I have moments of complete insanity with my numbers. I can go from being extremely low to mildly high within moments. My body is truly trying to regulate things, but it just isn't happening! I anticipate going back on meds around 28 weeks and then potential bedrest around 30 weeks.

So, as we run around crazy we are laughing and having a good time. We had a fabulous Easter with the Easter bunny landing Mark's bro and soon to be wife at our doors. We had a fabulous time with them. We enjoyed our time of eating, fellowshipping and playing Wii! We laughed rather hard that weekend. Perfect way to begin the major projects.

Mark and I also celebrated our anniversary this past weekend with a trip to Denver to a luxury hotel. We ate, slept, shopped and watched tv peacefully. Yet, we were ready to see our sweet boys.

God has been extremely patient with us and has lavished his love on us beyond my desires. I am grateful to be the daughter of the most High!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Promotions...Pink...Proud Moments...

I am proud to announce that today on my brother's b-day we are celebrating Mark' promotion. He has worked so hard and has found some professional success. I was blessed to be able to pin him and his mother was able to be with us. The boys were quite handsome and did awesome during the ceremony.

Lately, with the addition of Mary-Elizabeth we have added a new color to our ward robe. We have pink. Mark and the boys have also added pink into their ward robe! So precious!

We have had some great moments in our of the most memorable was a ton of snow! All the snow was piled up and became an igloo. It was a work of art for the boys, including Mark. They slaved over their igloo for hours upon hours upon days.

Some other proud moments will becoming soon. Stay tuned...

I am pinning Mark's new rank! Do you see the bump?

The family outside of his building...

The magic of pink--it can make anyone smile!

Cute closet...Would you believe that most of these outfits were sent to me 4 years ago from my Mom....

I am 18 weeks you see the box in the corner? It has finally been emptied!

The boys in front of the igloo! Such proud moments!

Boys having fun in the backyard sledding!
More pics soon~ Super Momma