Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Magic of Christmas

I recently heard Lisa Welchel discuss her new book Adventures in Christmas. She talked about embracing the moments of Christmas and seeing Jesus in all things Christmas. I can't wait to read her book. Her discussion that morning made my mind began to twirl with the idea of Christmas and it's magic .

The magic of Christmas is hurrying to my mailbox to see all the Christmas cards. We can't wait to laugh at the the people dressed up as reindeer, to adore the new additions, and to praise God for the miracles of the year.

The magic of Christmas is in the beautiful wrapped packages and bright lights that make us all "feel" like young children again. It is about the yard full of lighted displays that get the oooohhhh and aaaahhhhh.

The magic of Christmas is in watching the same Christmas movies every season and laughing at the same "funny" parts. It is about crying at the Hallmark movies as they come to a story book conclusion.

The magic of Christmas is lingering under the mistletoe with the one you adore.

The magic of Christmas is celebrated with parties, caroling, homemade candy, and genuine human kindness.

The magic of Christmas brings laughter, smiles and 'Merry Christmas' by strangers.

The magic of Christmas is desiring to help others out who are less fortunate.

The magic of Christmas is sitting as a family and watching the snow fall with giddy anticipation of snow ball fights.

The magic of Christmas is something that cannot be sold or bought. The magic of Christmas began with a small baby boy born to a virgin in a manger. That sweet baby taught us how to love and created the magic of Christmas.

The magic of Christmas is love expressing itself through random acts of "human greatness."

No wonder the stores put Christmas decorations out early....we all love the magic of Christmas.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


*This is my journal entry on November 20, 2010. My hope in sharing it is to bring comfort to others who grieve over their matter how small or how big.*

On a Thursday afternoon, my life came to a crazy spot. I realized that the life of my unborn baby was coming to an end. I would not get to hold my sweet baby, feed him, clothe him, show him off or snuggle with him in the early morning. My moment with him is gone. My heart cries, my arms yearn, my mind jumbled. Yet I know that my God is with me forever and ever. For He will never leave me nor forsake me. He will not forget me. Today I will seek out those things to praise my God. For he is the giver of all (Deuteronomy 32:39).....He gives life and He takes life.

The title of this post is Faithful. We choose to name our unborn babies. So, not knowing the gender of our sweet little one we decided to name him/her the characteristic that God has taught us through his life....God is Faithful--regardless.

Random Thoughts of December

Well, I have been a not so good blogger lately. Not really the lack of things to "chat" about, but the lack of my blog being a priority. So, with that being is another random post!

  • So far this season, we have fought croup, walking pneumonia and the stomach bug. Yes, I have my sanity. Yes, it stinks but the cuddles are out of this world.
  • We bought a ping pong table for the kids with the help of some others for Christmas. We gave it to the boys early. Kaleb is pretty good and Joshua and Stephen have "killer" serves. I barely can bounce back the ball to them.
  • Mary-Elizabeth has began to play by herself. She likes to play "cooking and serving."
  • Micah's vocabulary has increased at amazing speeds. He pretty much says everything that comes to his mind...tactfulness is a lesson in his future.
  • Mark received a job promotion. He now stays home a majority of the year. God's blessings to us!
  • We are suppose to get a lot of snow tonight and tomorrow and we can't not WAIT! Come on snow. We have missed you greatly.
  • ME doesn't like to sleep very well. I have begun to take back her sleeping habits and create the parent directed sleep. Praying she goes back to normal soon.

Well, that is my random thoughts. I am planning on doing a post on reality and another one that God has been placing on my heart. Until then, God bless you and Merry Christmas!