Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Random Thoughts of December

Well, I have been a not so good blogger lately. Not really the lack of things to "chat" about, but the lack of my blog being a priority. So, with that being is another random post!

  • So far this season, we have fought croup, walking pneumonia and the stomach bug. Yes, I have my sanity. Yes, it stinks but the cuddles are out of this world.
  • We bought a ping pong table for the kids with the help of some others for Christmas. We gave it to the boys early. Kaleb is pretty good and Joshua and Stephen have "killer" serves. I barely can bounce back the ball to them.
  • Mary-Elizabeth has began to play by herself. She likes to play "cooking and serving."
  • Micah's vocabulary has increased at amazing speeds. He pretty much says everything that comes to his mind...tactfulness is a lesson in his future.
  • Mark received a job promotion. He now stays home a majority of the year. God's blessings to us!
  • We are suppose to get a lot of snow tonight and tomorrow and we can't not WAIT! Come on snow. We have missed you greatly.
  • ME doesn't like to sleep very well. I have begun to take back her sleeping habits and create the parent directed sleep. Praying she goes back to normal soon.

Well, that is my random thoughts. I am planning on doing a post on reality and another one that God has been placing on my heart. Until then, God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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