Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Prayers Needed for Baby Stellan

I follow many blogs as you can see on my profile. One is a miracle baby Stellan, he has a heart condition and is not doing so hot today. He has been in SVT for almost a week and needs restoration from God. The family needs your prayer and the doctors could use it too.

You can follow her blog and pray more specifically. Just hit the following link: .

Thank you guys for your prayers for this loving, God-fearing family.

In Adoration,
Super Momma

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mary-Elizabeth Update

Today we went in for the highly anticipated ultrasound and possible amnio. Good news is that we are still having a little girl! It was confirmed by a doctor and technician. She was precious and curled up beside me. She has the same profile as Micah, which leads me to believe that she probably looks like the rest of her brothers. She didn't smile this time, but she did look mighty cute with her filled out cheeks.

Medically, Mary-Beth has no markers for down syndrome. The dominant markers were negative. Her kidneys were larger than normal at first. The second and third glance showed the kidneys to be normal. Thus, we opted not to do the amnio. The boys were bummed because no bed rest for Mom means a tough day at school for them. BUMMER!

Mary-Elizabeth is measuring a bit smaller. She was originally measuring to be due on the 30th of July. Now she is measuring to be due August 4th. She is in the 33% for her size. Now, this doesn't mean we should be alarmed. It was somewhat expected due to my high blood pressure and meds. Basically, we will remeasure her at 28 weeks and see if she goes up or down. The scary size to stay away from is 10% or 10 days away from her due date of Aug. 1.

In summary, Mary-Beth could still have down syndrome, but it would be a physically mild case. The chances decreased to 1 in 220. Oh, I had a mild case of placenta previa which is gone...thank you Jesus!

Mark and I loved seeing our daughter move all around and she definitely had an attitude with the technician. She really doesn't like being pushed on or in small spaces!

So, in all I feel very comfortable with the health of my daughter. She is adorable and will look absolutely beautiful in her new bows and headbands! Not to mention we found the most perfect blanket for little Mary-Beth at the gift shop. Now to find a place to house all the pink goodies!!!

Words could never express how much I appreciate your prayers and love sent our way. We are eternally grateful for your adoration!

In loving adoration,
Super Momma

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Girl Names and Tradition

So, Mark and I have been in debate over the name of our daughter. We have been given a chance to name a girl and we don't want to mess this up. In our discussion, we love Marybeth. However, Mark doesn't like Marybeth. He would prefer Maribeth. I am not so crazy about the spelling.

Come to find out...he prefers Elizabeth versus Beth. So, then we discussed dropping the Mary, but the boys strongly disagreed. I also like Marybeth. So, to compromise and to appease us our daughter, who probably won't be more than 19 inches long, will have a name longer than her. Her name is Mary-Elizabeth Janice. We will still call her Mary-Beth. We are now just adding the hyphen and capital B!

Some may say why three names? Well, I guess to be honest...we love Mary-Elizabeth. Janice cannot be deleted because it is my family's tradition and I would not want to break it. My Mother would haunt me! Ha! Mary-Beth is from a long line of fabulous women who have the middle name of Janice. It is a privilege to name her after my mother, grandmother and sister and niece.

Thus, you now know the rest of the story!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Announcing Baby Proctor.....

Today I have the enjoyment to announce the gender of my sweet baby. We splurged and did a 3d-4d ultrasound. I am so impressed with seeing my sweet bundle. I strongly urge anyone who is pregnant to splurge and see your baby in utero. It is amazing how God is forming this perfect sweet baby.

I guess you are wondering what we are having.....well, we are 99-100% sure that we are having our very first little girl. We are so delighted. The boys are so delighted. Mark is overwhelmed with joy to have a sweet little girl to spoil.

Mark and I have always said we would have 5 children and God has been gracious and has given us 5 children to raise here on earth. To say that He has delighted our heart is an understatement. He has given us a sweet gift. Each of my children have a special name that God has given me for just them and me. Kaleb is 'My Miracle.' Joshua is 'My Blessing.' Stephen is 'My Joy.' Micah is 'My Love." After the miscarriage, God promised me that I would have 'My Gift." Today or at least 20 weeks ago it came into fruition our 'Gift' has come.

So, Kaleb is elated. Joshua is excited. Stephen is wondering why we were so excited because he always knew we were gonna have a girl. Micah well he is just glad it is a baby. Mark is blessed. Me...well I guess I woke up this morning going 'is it for real?' Yep, we have girly pink coming to our home of blue soon!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Baby Update

Yesterday went without a hitch....

The cardiologist said I could have my baby and be just fine. Like not having this baby is an option. He said my heart is healthy and fine for pregnancy and for delivery. I am thankful to have such a strong heart.

My ob was impressed with my blood pressure and pulse! So, I am coming off my blood pressure meds--yeah! The side effects aren't horrible, but none the less no meds are best. We will see how I tolerate no meds.

So, basically yesterday was a breeze of appointments. They cancelled my ultrasound next week because I am having a level 2 sonogram the next week. He said it was redundant. How could seeing my baby be a redundant thing? Um...did he not know that we are counting the days to see if this bundle of joy is a boy or a girl. Well, I guess we will just have to wait. At least, my appointment to potentially have an amniocentesis will be more exciting!!!!

So, we are carrying on.....We are trying to do the final touches to our home and enjoy the time we have in this beautiful part of earth!

Can you believe that my sweet Stephen is about to be 4 years old---YIKES!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Update from the Cardiologist

Well, basically I have no good answers. The Doctor does not think that I have issues with my heart. He believes that something else went wrong and my heart just reacted. He believes my heart is healthy for pregnancy and delivery.

However, we are doing a few tests to rule out heart issues. First, today I look like a mummy under my clothes. I have a monitor for the next 24 hours. This will tell them if I have an irregular heartbeat.

Next, tomorrow I will have an echo cardiogram on my heart. This will show how the blood supply and valves are working. I feel confident that I will be fine. Just going through the motions.

I am thankful for your prayers and love and we are doing very well. We are blessed to have you as our family and friends.

I will keep you updated as time proceeds and I get more information. I should get the results sometime next week.

Much Love and Adoration,
Super Momma

Monday, 2 March 2009

Cardiologist Appointment

After a bunch of phone calls and several hours of waiting by the phone, my appointment is not until Wednesday. So, life just keeps going and we keep taking one day at a time and praying for strength.

Well, gotta go grocery shopping. We are out of apple juice and bread! The staples of the Proctor's life.

Thanks for the prayers,

Super Momma

There will be days like this my Momma said....

This blog may never be published. For in this blog, my deepest sorrow will come fourth or maybe it is my deepest weakness.

This has been a tough week these past few days. There is an old song that says, "There will be days like this my Momma said...." She was right. Everyone has a breaking point and they break and then they are made whole. Well, this is my breaking moment and hopefully by sharing my whole moment is not to far away.

The whole episode on Thursday night was enough. Then you add on Stephen's illness to topple me over! Nope that did not do it. Um....Micah cutting all four of his back teeth at the same time? Not so much fun, but didn't do it. Maybe it was that I tossed all of my cookies on Saturday and in the process broke several blood vessels and ended up throwing up blood. Nope...kinda getting use to that. Maybe it was on Sunday when Mark began to get sick and then he proceeded to get really sick and now is in the doctor's office getting fluids for dehydration. Nope, I was handling our Sunday schedule and my awful sore throat.

Oh, I know what it was when the Doctor called and said that our baby has markers for down syndrome that I lost it. Our sweet baby has a greater probability than just my normal age probability for down syndrome, which really doesn't scare me except that it does. So, I decided to do a 'high-tech' sonogram that looks for markers before the big needle in the stomach with not so delightful, albeit small chance, side effects. I would love my child unconditionally and be grateful for such a gift. So, why is it bothering me?

Well, sometimes I can withstand a bunch of pressure like a building during a hurricane. Then a fly lands on the building and down came fly, building and all. That was me this last night and today. Down I came tears and all.

I just cried and cried last night. In fact, I cried so hard that I now have a sinus infection above my right cheek. Yep, I finally let go of all my emotions. Oh how I miss my Mom. She would make it alright just by the sound of her voice. I obviously didn't cry enough last night because the tears flow as I write the words of my heart.

I know God is ever present and His word sustains my life--my every breath. I also know that I have experienced and lived through much worse. Yet, today it is getting to me. I have no one to blame and no one to yell at or get mad at. It is just stuff that happens. Albeit, I would prefer to have stuff happen through out a longer period of time and not within 4 days.

I hurt today. I hurt for myself because I have no answers on the condition of my heart. I hurt for my husband because he is very ill and his wife isn't very understanding. I hurt for my children because they want to understand what is going on and I have no patience to explain. I hurt for my sweet blessing within me because I can't protect him/her from the dangers of this world nor this body. Today I hurt.

Tomorrow the sun will come up and I will be better. In fact, I bet I will be great because hurting today allows me to get out my emotions and then focus on the facts of the situation...which really isn't that bad.

Though weeping my last through the night, joy will come in the morning.

By the way, I couldn't see the doctor today because of a glitch with the doctors offices. I am suppose to go tomorrow..we will see. Nope they just called. I go on Wednesday. So much for the 72 hour stat I was told. Ugh!