Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Friday, 19 March 2010


It is time for another random post. This is a post where I just put alot of random thoughts down--nothing really fits together.

  • I am really enjoying teaching my Bible study class. The ladies teach me far more than I give to them.
  • Kaleb just got glasses. He looks super cute in them.
  • I am seeing God work through all situations even the tough ones.
  • Stephen is 5 years old...he can write his name and knows his letters and count to 20 on a good day.
  • I finally organized my school only took 5 months-YUCK!
  • A schedule is my best friend and without it I am lost.
  • Micah is doing an awesome job of trying to learn his letters. He can count to 10 and daily practices saying his ABC's!
  • Joshua had teeth pulled and cut out this past month so he was grateful to join the 'I had surgery club.' He got new pjs and watched his movies all day long. He was a champ through the whole thing.
  • A friend and I started a homeschool group at our church. I love the group of ladies that have attended and look forward at the progress of this group!
  • Now two little friends have come to join us for the night, so I must go and get hot dogs ready to be grilled in the fire place!

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