Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Stephen's 5th Birthday

Last week my sweet son turned 5 years old. I am baffled by how fast time flies. It was just yesterday that he would sleep on my chest and make sweet cooing sounds.

He melts my heart completely. He loves kisses and hugs. He is always giving his sister lots of love. He yearns for chocolate milk, but doesn't eat much of anything in particular. His favorite shows are Star Wars, Super Hero Squad, and Batman. He loves to play outside, but hates running around. He plays really well by himself, but he would prefer to play with his older brothers.
For his birthday, we had his first friend party. We celebrated his birth by having a Batman party. Mark worked real hard and created a Batcave. We were in awe of his creation and left it up for several days.
For his cake, we had a very creative lady make a 2-tier Batman cake. It was awesome and the hit of the party. Not only did it look good, but it tasted heavenly too.

He celebrated his birth with several friends and ran throughout the house and outside. Then we ended the night with his 'bestest' friend and eating pizza. His cup was full and he was sitting in paradise as the night came to an end.

For his actual birthday, we took him to eat breakfast. The ladies at the restaurant made a super cute hat for him and danced with him. He didn't like that part much. He did like his new outfit that was his favorite color-green. We ended the day by going home and letting him play with all of his new super cool toys.

My dear sweet Stephen, how I have loved you from the moment you were within my womb. You have deepen my love as you have grown in age and wisdom. I am amazed at how you figure stuff out and how you continue to learn at a high rate. Your adoration of your baby sister puts tears of joy in my eyes. Your passion for playing and for your friends is outstanding. Your desire to know God and worship Him is staggering. You my precious son have been and will always be my Joy. Thank you for your loving spirit and kind words. Loving you, Momma

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