Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Mary-Elizabeth's Room and Bear

So, time is approaching for sweet little Mary-Elizabeth Janice to come and visit us. We have 13 weeks left or 90 days until her due date. Sounds like alot until you throw a wedding in there along with potential bed rest at the end of my pregnancy or around 32 weeks. Therefore, I have made 'the list.'

'The list' consists of things I want to participate in...such as Mary-Elizabeth's room. We all have had so much fun transforming her room from the 'ball' room to a 'girly' room. All the boys have been involved. We only lack one thing for her room--a lamp shade!

We are transfering the baby bed from Micah's room to Mary-Elizabeth's room.
I think Micah is excited!

Working on getting the bedding out and putting it on her bed!

All the boys helping to put up the border in her room--a yucky mess!

Kaleb helping me smooth it out!

Another project that I wanted to be involved in also involved the boys making something special for Mary-Elizabeth. Since Micah, we have come up with a tradition of making the new child a Build-A-Bear. This time it was extra sweet because they were not busy. So, the sweet lady gave us time and allowed all the boys to put a heart in her bear. The boys along with Mark and myself had a delightful time picking out the 'right' outfit for her pink bear. Finally, Daddy chose the 'Ballerina' outfit and it fit perfect. Oh, did I mention the bear has a heartbeat that sounds like my womb...too cool!

Picking out the bear was tough stuff--finally decided on a pink one--or course!

Filling the bear with love!

Sewing up the bear and smiling for Daddy!

We are all done and Micah loves the bear!

As you can tell, we are getting things done for our Princess. We are enjoying the process and after seeing a friend's baby girl--Joshua asked if our little girl would hurry up. July will soon be here and soon I won't get to hog my little girl...I will actually have to share her. However, it will all be good. Until then, my boys and I are hanging out and having fun!


Deja said...

I LOVE IT! What a fun girlie room. She'll no doubt be cherished by her brothers, highly regarded and protected. And she'll no doubt be able to wrestle around with them...with her pink bows in her hair and lovely smocked dress ;-) So glad to see the preps going on. I'm praying for your last trimester to go smoothly.

Super Momma said...

Deja, thanks so much for your lovely comments. We are very excited about Mary-Elizabeth joining our family. We are all in love with her already.

Thanks for your prayers...regardless of what happens I truly believe that God is in control and through prayers I continue to release my own control to HIM! I so appreciate the support--finish the race with gusto!