Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Doctor Updates

Well, I must apologize for not blogging in such a long time. I wish I had a good excuse, but in reality I am just a bit busy with growing a new little baby. She loves to sit on my lap and make my legs go numb. She even tickles me at times at the far corners of my placenta. It is hard not to jump out of my chair for those split moments. Mary-Elizabeth is doing very well and is growing and moving everyday. In fact, God has so blessed me that I am able to partake in my bro in laws wedding. We leave in just over a week!

So, we have to get outfits for the wedding, tires for the car, and ear plugs! The boys are beyond estatic about the trip to Texas. I must admit that Mark is a bit excited too! Me well I need some good tex-mex food called Rosas! We will be stopping in Amarillo for Rosas regardless of the hunger level of our family. We can't wait to see our family and to 'officially' add Shannon! She is precious and loves us unconditionally--she makes my boys smile and laugh. What else could a sister want?

Alright updates.....

Kaleb recovered from his leg surgery very well. He spent two days on the couch and decided that was enough! We are constantly reminding him to settle down because a broken leg is no fun in the summer! He is extremely excited about having complete freedom in his leg! Mark and I were so proud of him during the ordeal. He was such a trooper!

Kaleb also had a routine renal ultrasound done last week. Periodically we have to test Kaleb's urine for potential calcium stones and an ultrasound is done as well. We received the results on Friday. Basically, the ultrasound was normal except the artery to his kidney is showing mild elevated resistance. We don't know what that means except that we get to go to another specialist. I am not extremely concerned because I know that God is in complete control regardless of the situation. I also know that Kaleb is not in any pain right now. Just thought you could pray that the appt. could be sooner than later due to having a sweet little girl in less than 9 weeks!

Joshua, Stephen and Micah stepped up to the plate these last few weeks with Kaleb down and loved on him in many special ways. It was great to see the compassion from the smallest to the oldest.

My pregnancy is going very well. I am on meds every other day to keep the pulse and blood pressure under control! It doesn't look like bed rest is in my immediate future so I am very pleased!

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Anonymous said...

It was great to drop-in on all of you and see how everyone is progressing. Sounds as though it couldn't be better!! Everything is fine in Monterey. My son will graduate from MPC Sat with 2 AAs and an AS and is moving to UC Irvine 15 June. I will experience some 'aloneness', but I have a wonderful friend, One who never leaves me, so I'll be fine. How blessed we are!!
All 7 of you are in my prayers.