Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The envelope please....

Last night was our annual award night for the boys in the Awana program. It has become a regular event for us in the past 7 years. We are huge Awana supporters and choose our churches based upon the Awana program. We believe in its solid Bible based program of teaching Scripture to our children.

Last night was our awards and we knew that all three boys would receive their end of the year participation award and their book reward. We were all very pleased with their accomplishments. Getting through a book is tough stuff and takes some dedication and hard work.

What we didn't anticipate was an award that this particular club gives out. They select from the Sparky group and the T&T group special 'Clubbers of the Year.' The award is based upon participation, finishing your required books and overall attitude. Joshua won the 'Clubber of the Year' for the 1st grade Sparky group and Kaleb won for his group in T&T. I was shocked and never expected such a praise for our children. We have only been at our present church since January.

The boys have received their 'Clubber of the Year' awards.

The boys are joyful and pleased!

For Mark and I, the awards was once again God confirming the calling He has given us. He called us to be parents that teach the word of God as a living and active part of our life. For the boys, he affirmed both of them in some tough decisions they had to make this year in being set apart for God. It was a great feeling and a tangible gift to us all. I am so proud of my boys...

In Adoration,
Super Momma

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~Queen of Odd~ said...

What a wonderful testament to your family's devotion to the word! Congratulations Kaleb, and Joshua. We are awfully proud of you here, in California. :)