Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Kaleb's Surgery

First and foremost, I am thankful that Kaleb came through the surgery without any serious complications. That is a gift from God and I am most grateful!

Now for the run down of the exciting day. Of course we couldn't sleep well so we were all up and ready to go by 6:30 to drive to Denver. We were blessed to have a babysitter for the three younger children. We left the house around 7:00 and headed to Denver in an uneventful ride. Once we arrived on the scene of the children's surgery center, we found out that they were running late--very late. Kaleb was scheduled for surgery at 9:45, but he did not get in until 11:15. We were all very anxious and ready to be done with the process.

Once in pre-op, the doctors came and talked with us and we felt very calm about the process. The anesthesiologist was awesome. He listened to us completely about Kaleb's sickness after surgery. He came up with some great ideas to keep Kaleb well during his recovery. He rocked our world. God blessed us greatly.

So, when they took Kaleb back to the OR, Mark and I were able to go back with him. I have never seen an operating room awake. I was amazed. They allowed us to stay back until Kaleb was asleep. It was hard to release my son, but peace came over me as I set out to the waiting room to wait and wait and wait. After waiting an hour, the doctor came and assured us that Kaleb was an awesome patient and that all things worked out well. We praised God and waited for them to come and get us shortly....

Well, 35 min. later they came and got us from the waiting room. I think there are holes in their carpet from me pacing. 35 min. did not feel short to me. When we saw Kaleb he was quite emotional and ready to be done with the wires. After getting his pain under control, he woke up a bit more and did great.

We were finally able to leave the hospital at 2:15 and high tail it home to relieve the babysitter. We were 2 hours later due to the delay at the surgery center. Kaleb's ride home was good, but he did not like the bumps in the road or any turns.

Kaleb was welcomed home by a slew of get well cards by his brothers and friends. He was so amazed! He continued to say thank you into this morning. He felt extreme love for his family and friends.

He slept well last night and now he is resting on the couch watching all his favorite movies. His pain is up a little, but I feel confident that tomorrow will be a better day.

Thanks for your prayers and love.

In Adoration,

Super Momma

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