Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Monday, 11 May 2009

Mary-Elizabeth Janice Update

We had our 28 week ultrasound today. We were shocked with the results! Mary-Elizabeth has doubled her size percentage. She use to be 33% and a few days late and now she is 62% and a week ahead of time with her due date. God is good! This was the last piece of information we needed. I think I may skip bed rest this month. I am so grateful that being off my meds allowed her to grow to a healthy size. Her kidneys were also healthy. So, no problems except my erratic pulse.

For those of you who walked with me through Micah's pregnancy knows that he was transverse (sideways) up to the day he decided to be born. Well, Mary-Elizabeth is also in a weird breach transverse position. This definitely explains why my hips hurt and the weird pains. This time I know that she will probably move when she is ready. No need to fret!

Just for your information...her right hand is up by her head and the umbilical cord is hanging around her chin and neck. She is asleep or at least tired because right before this picture she was yawning. Her cheeks have filled out and she even smiled for us during the exam. Unfortunately, it was not captured on film. Micah loved seeing the baby and was very good during the entire exam. He was focused on Mary-Elizabeth. Kaleb and Joshua were busy asking questions about 'vines'. Also known in the medical world as veins! Stephen was also in awe of watching his baby sister!

In Loving Adoration,
Super Momma

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