Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Mary-Elizabeth Update

Mary-Elizabeth is growing well or at least I am. I measure 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Last week, I started the non-stress test on her. She doesn't always cooperate. Normally, I should be done in 20 min., but it takes an hour to meet the requirements. However, it is fun to hear the pitter patter of her heart beat. Thus far she has passed both tests. Yesterday she gave us a scare. Her heart dipped down into the 90's several times in a roll. The nurse and I were a bit concerned, but she responded well and her heart rate would go back up. They also did a sonogram last Friday and my amniotic fluid is high-average! Nothing new there. That is why she can flip around! Yep, she is still in her favorite position--sideways.

I go Friday for 3 appts. I have a growth scan on Mary-Elizabeth, non-stress test and doctor appointment. So, for this period of time in my life, I am enjoying the quietness of my appointments and embracing her movements! Not to mention snuggling with my other four not-so small anymore children. Mark and I are truly blessed to be parents to our four boys and now our little girl!

My blood pressure evened out when we went to Texas. So, taking my blood pressure meds made my blood pressure bottom out. Thus, I was very sick! Now, I am off my meds and doing well.

I will update when I can....

To all things God be glorified!

Super Momma

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