Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Favorite Things

One of my all time favorite musicals is Sound of Music. I love the music, the dialog, the history. One of her songs that she sings is when she is sad. Well, today I turned 34. I have a hard time believing that I keep getting older, but it is true. I have accomplished one more year. I am thankful for this year, but to be honest it has been tough.

So, today I want to sing about my favorite things to remind myself of my blessings. Now, normally birthdays aren't tough for me. However, this particular birthday is the first time I didn't get a phone call after midnight from my Momma. I miss her and would love to hear her sing Happy Birthday in her scruffy voice.

Here it favorite things/memories....

*The day I met the love of my life-11 years ago today!
*The day I married Mark Allen. My favorite part was doing the Lord's Supper together.
*Seeing the double pink line for 5 pregnancies. (I included the one I miscarried.)
*I love smelling the cabinet with spices.
*I love the feeling of a newborn baby sleeping on your chest.
*I love the feeling of holding for the first time my four boys.
*I love the sparkle in Mark's eyes when he talks about the Cowboys.
*I love the phone calls from my sister as she travels home from school.
*I love the feeling of a one year old hugging me and giving me kisses!
*I love watching my boys play daily together and arguing less.
*I love getting up early and eating breakfast and then going back to bed.
*I love talking with my brother on facebook and seeing his life unfold through his pictures!
*I love eating great, amazing food that my hubby prepares for me.
*I love spending time with my family and talking about the funny things we've done.
*I love watching old family movies.
*I love talking with my boys.
*I love taking walks!
*I love accomplishing my tasks and MARKING them off.
*I love homeschooling my boys!
*I love watching Veggie Tales!
*I love that my boys want me to be Princess Leia.
*I love and love my family.
*I love my times alone with God while the skies are still dark.
*I love singing Praise music.
*I love buying little girl gifts for my friends and family.
*I love watching believers be baptized!
*I love getting emails from friends!
*I love blogging!
*I love that Mark, Kaleb, Joshua, Stephen, and Micah love me too!

Basically, I guess we could say that I love my life. I love the God of all creation that gave me the bountiful blessings of my husband and my four boys. I am thankful for the hardships and for the fun times~both have been used to sharpen my skills as a Child of the King.

Thanks for letting me share my loves. I pray that you are as loved as I am.
"Give thanks with a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ. And now let the weak say I am strong and let the poor say I am rich for what the Lord as done-give thanks." Praise song from the 90"s.
I hope you enjoy the photo of my sweet family!


Deja said...

Thought I'd de-lurk to wish you a happy 34th bday...34...I remember it well...well I don't really remember it - it was more than a couple of years ago. LOL. May the Lord bless you throughout the day, with simple reminders of His great love for you. Be assured that I'll continue to lurk and post occasionally...cuz I really do like you, we just ran out of time to become great in-person friends.

Super Momma said...

Deja, you put a smile on my face. Thanks for your encouragement and outstanding friendship as it lurks. Blessings to your lovely family! Super Momma

Robin said...

Happy birthday sweet precious friend. I pray that you were able to do all the things you love doing. What a great idea to make a list of all the things you really love. What a precious reminder of Gods grace and love for us. Maybe I will try that on my next birthday (30?) Morgan sends a big birthday hug your way.

Love ya

Super Momma said...

I receive her precious hug and can't wait to get the real thing later on....

I had a great day doing absolutely nothing of work related-except laundry.

Thank you for your sweet message of love and friendship.

Super Momma