Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Adoption-Part 2

Joshua is my no non-sense kid. He is your bottom line kinda of guy. No frills just the honest, blunt truth. In fact, he is known as the 'police man' in our family. You just can't get a way with anything around him.

So, yesterday we were eating lunch. He said, "Hey Mom, when is that lady gonna come and give us a baby girl?"

After a chuckle, I replied as sweetly as I could. "Joshua, I don't think a real lady is gonna come and give us her baby. I was using that story to make a point. Your best bet to getting a baby sister is to ask Jesus."

Joshua's reply, "Mom that takes too long."

"Yes, it does take awhile, but a sweet baby is well worth the wait."

After our conversations, everyone (Kaleb and Stephen) pipped in and said that they were ready for a little girl. From their lips to God's ears. I think I could use a little pink in my blue house. Don't the boys need a damsel in distress to rescue?

{Just to let you know....If God decides to bless our family with a small bundle some day, I don't really care if it is a boy or a girl. Both are a true blessing and loads of fun.}

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