Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Kid Updates

I just wanted to let you know a few fun things that have gone on around our home the past few days.

Joshua can ride his bike and stand up and pump. Big accomplishment for a 'need to control all situations' kinda child.

Joshua has also lost 3 teeth in the past 2 months. He looks absolutely adorable. I will send pictures soon!

Kaleb has been practicing Christmas music for our family celebration. Christmas is on the brain and we haven't even bought our pumpkin yet!

Kaleb has also written some pretty comical creative writing entries. I plan to share soon!

Stephen is a hoot! He always smiles even when he is angry! He decided that he has 'absolutely nothing to do' if his brothers are busy with school. He just sits on the grounds and pout. Oh, how he loves his brothers entertaining him.

He also has begun to talk clearly--Praise God! You can understand everything he says as long as it is short. 'Transformers' still gives me a deep belly giggle.

Micah has wrapped both Mark and I around his fingers. He gets away with so much more than ever should be allowed. He gives the best hugs and kisses. Plus, he is not stingy with any of it.

Micah has also taken 3 steps by himself between Mark and me. He took one step as he was standing against the couch. However, my clapping has discouraged any more progress.

Mark and I....well we haven't done anything too amazing or fun. However, we are getting pretty good at playing Mario Cart with the boys. Joshua and I fight for last place while Mark and Kaleb fight for first. Oh the fun...

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