Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Prayer Requests

Dear Family and Friends,

I could use some prayers right now. On Saturday, Stephen woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. However, we assumed he had food poisoning because of already having the virus run through our home. Well, this is Wednesday and he is still having issues with his bowels. We are able to keep him hydrated and hoped that it would end soon.

We were wrong. Micah woke up last night and began to vomit every 20-30 min. Not easy for a small tike. Nor for a Momma who gets sick easily and did! Poor Daddy. Did I tell you he is the Incredible Hunk?

Well, I am requesting prayer for Micah. He now has the watery bowels. It is easy to become dehydrated here because of the high altitude. We are taking steps to help prevent dehydration, but could use the healing touch of our Master.

Could you please pray for us as we battle this virus. Pray for strength and encouragement. Pray that I don't get it again. I have already been to the hospital on two separate occasions to get rehydrated and it is hard on our family. Please pray for Kaleb and Joshua to stay healthy. Pray for Mark for strength as he has gone without sleep and has no room for rest to the weary.

Thank you for your prayers in advance.

Much love to each of you,
Susan (aka Super Momma)

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