Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Kaleb Kristopher turns 3 in the Faith!

Today is an amazing day. Mark treats me extremely well everyday. So, we don't necessary need one day to lavish goods at each other. (Have you noticed how flowers and candy prices go up during this time?) It is a good thing that we are not focused on celebrating Valentine's Day the world's way.

You see, 3 years ago my oldest son Kaleb gave me the best gift ever. He became a child of faith. He personally accepted Christ into his heart. So, today he is 3 years old. He has grown spiritually during these past 3 years and he has become an amazing child of God. He loves God! He loves other! He searches to serve others despite his personal wants.

The day he accepted Christ, we had our pastor come over and make certain that Kaleb understood. After lots of questions, we were all certain of Kaleb's heart. Kaleb prayed the sinner prayer and we were all elated. Oh what a glorious day! Afterwards, we celebrated by going out to eat at a Seafood restaurant in our area.

So, today we celebrate the True Lover of our Souls. We celebrate forgiveness and hope. We celebrate by breaking bread together and rejoicing with one another.

I hope you enjoy the pics.

Thank you Jesus for your Salvation. I am elated that my son Kaleb will rejoice with You for eternity. I am delighted that You love him more than I ever could love him. Protect him Lord and give Him the daily desire to love You with all of his heart, mind, soul and strength. Amen

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