Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Friday, 13 February 2009

Joshua Samuel

Joshua turned 7 this past week and we are still celebrating what a blessing Joshua has been to our life. He came into this world and has followed the text book on everything. If he is sick, he runs a fever. He reached the miles stones of walking and running like the books suggests. He even has a huge love for ball. He almost always had a ball in his hand since he was a small tike. Josh Samuel as I call him is my sweet boy--he hates kisses but loves cuddling. He has done a fabulous job of blessing my heart. So, in honor of Josh Samuel I am going to celebrate through pictures. We bought our first digital camera right before he turned 2 and I have some great photos.

I hope you enjoy the younger years of Joshua Samuel....

Joshua isn't a fan of cake...but cookie is another story!

Joshua received a swing set for his 2nd birthday. It stays at Mimi's house for all to have fun on!

Joshua's favorite game as always been basketball!

Joshua is serious about baseball too!

Joshua's dream is to be in the Army...I guess he started out young with the passion to be just like Daddy!

Don't touch my ball!

Look how hot he is...Loving the coupe car that one day he will break his arm on!

Joshua's favorite person next to his Dad, of course, is his Uncle Bill. He just wants to be like him!

All smiles and giggles!

Loving the elephants with Daddy!

He caught the first fish and loved it! Although I must say he looks like he is in shock!

Cowboy at heart!

Joshua loves his sleep and he is able to sleep whenever and however!

All smiles for his Dallas Cowboy Cake!

Joshua's favorite outfit ever! He was quite upset when someone threw a snowball at his new threads!

Joshua chose his favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday..The Big Noodle Place!

He loves his brothers because they are his best friends!

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