Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Micah and Stephen Update

I wanted to take some time out this morning to say thank you for all your prayers. I have been very blessed by them.

Micah is much better this morning. He woke up once last night, but went quickly back to sleep in his OWN bed. I praise God because Micah's bowels are not running anymore. I am thankful to God for the person who created the new rotovirus vaccine that he received as a small baby. It really does diminish the symptoms. He is still running a low fever and of course wants to be held today. I can deal with those symptoms fairly easy...I just might loose my ever loving mind though! However, at least I won't get sick with him.

Stephen is still suffering from running bowels and not eating much. We are watching his intake of liquids and he seems to be okay there. However, he is still running a low fever and is very irritable.

Once, again thanks for your prayers and concern. Kaleb and Joshua are doing well and have enjoyed the extra TV watching. Today is tough because I feel better (thanks to more sleep) which leads to less TV and more school. Poor boys!

Thanks for praying,

Super Momma

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