Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 20 November 2008


Although today has been a tough day, the boys have made me laugh with some jokes. I thought I would share...

Kaleb's joke
Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he was too chicken to fly....

Kaleb's joke
What is a dog's favorite parking lot? A Barking lot.....

What did the cow cross the road? To go to the moviators....(We call the theaters the movieators. We joined the words movie and theaters.)

Stephen says the cutest things
Today I had to go to Walmart and of course all four boys got to come along. Stephen was overly excited because we were gonna go and "see all his toys." Yep, he owns all the toys at the local Walmart.

Micah's move
Micah has begun to walk and he loves to stand and dance. Due to our upcoming 'move' and the release of a new kids' movie, we have begun to sing a silly song, 'We like to move it, move it, you like to move it move. MOVE IT' Well, Micah loves to stand and dance to the song. It cracks us all up as we move one box to another spot.

My life is filled with good, funny things.

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