Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

In the mist of moving....

The family of 6 picking out the best pumpkin to create our yearly Charlie the Pumpkin. The boys were their beloved Chronicles of Narnia fans-Prince Caspian, King Peter, King Edmond, and Aslan. Mom was of course herself and Dad was of course a Cowboy fan.

So, the lack of blogging doesn't mean there is a lack of blogable moments. In fact, we have had extra amounts of blogable moments. However, we are in the mist of moving and time is of the essence. We leave our beautiful town in about 3 weeks. We will fit a trip home to celebrate my grandfather's birthday and thanksgiving in those 3 weeks as well as the plain idea of packing up everything and putting it all in a truck and trudging our family to areas unknown.

So, please be patient with me and know that our family is doing well. I hope to write more often than once a week, but for now my priority is my family and making certain that they are taken care.

Here are some memorable moments.......

*We were putting up flags yesterday for Veterans' Day and Stephen looks at Mark and says "No way jose." We just laughed. First time to hear him say that.

*Stephen also has his parent's ability to forget the word that something is called. For example, 'Do you know where my ____ is?' You can fill the blank with anything from cell phone to tennis shoes. However, Stephen forgeting what they toys was called said, "Momma, where is my thingymybob?' Yeah, I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt.

*Kaleb had an epiphany the other day. He was disciplined for something he was told not to do and something that we have been working on for several weeks. Afterwards, he said, "Momma, I sure do find it easier to be obedient after getting into trouble." Yep, teaching my children is the only way to produce healthy, content, joyful, patient, obedient adults. He just confirmed my purpose.

*Kaleb is also becoming quite creative. He has been working on making a sling shot for several days. Well, yesterday he found success. Man does the thing fly. He uses snakes with a crooked neck and anything in his path is demolished. I was proud that he never gave up and continued to work the thing out.

*Micah has taken several small steps, but refuses to walk long distances. Yep, he is a Proctor boy. He is now 14 months old and I explained that his brothers have all walked during this time and he was free to start. We will see if he will be a conformist or do his own thing.

*Micah has a pure love for outside. He crawls all over the driveway and yard. He loves his slide, which he does by himself. He loves his roller coaster, which he does all by himself. He loves his blue coup car that he climbs throughout. He loves to get dirty. Ants don't bother him. He screams when he is forced to come inside even if he played outside for 3 straight hours. Yep, he is an outdoors man.

*Joshua broke his arm 2 weeks ago. It has been a journey for him to readjust his life to this bright orange cast. I am proud of him for working it out. He was very excited when the doctor told him to do extra playing esspecially on the xbox to work out his muscles. You gotta love being told to play extra hard for healing purposes. Joshua was delighted.

*Joshua has also said some pretty amazing things, however, his tender heart always amazes me. Yesterday as we prayed for our country and those who have given their life for the greater cause, Joshua was broken hearted for all those who died. He broke down and cried that they anyone would suffer. Then he prayed for everyone who was hurt and prayed for those in the Army. He was precious.

My children are a gift from God. I am amazed how God continues to bless me with each of my boys. They encourage me and comfort me. They make me laugh and make me cry. They keep me on my knees.

Oh, what true blessings they are for me and my Incredible Hunk!

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