Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Friday, 14 November 2008

The Quietness...

So, today I began to get myself in a fast gear due to having no children for about 36 hours. So, now I am in the 27thish hour and not one box is packed.....

Anyways, I was on my way to U-haul to buy boxes. We have met the nicest manager who has given us great customer service and has helped me greatly in arranging the boxes to fit in my car.

Anyways, I am chasing tangents.

On my way, it was quiet and I had noone who needed me. I was truly alone. It was weird. I could listen to the radio and be fully engaged with the songs being sung. Then a song came on the radio talking about a lady taking a few less breaths and passing on to her real home.

I realized something at that moment that brought tears to my eyes...I miss my Mom today. Is she really gone? Oh, I wish I could talk with her and hear her encouragement.

I guess when I am alone and all is quiet...I still miss my Momma...

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