Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


So, lately chaos has followed me in my endeavor to move my family of six across three states in the middle of winter. I think I am loosing my ever loving mind. Anyways, today was a topper that made me fall over.

Besides the normal chaos of a semi large family with boxes stacked everywhere, today extra chaos was added. First, Micah woke up the day after his recheck sick with asthma issues. This time we were up every hour coughing and gagging. Yep, did I mention that my Incredible Hunk is gone to complete the last leg of his training. So, Micah is clingy and whiny and all around agitated.

Next, Joshua, my sweet, kind hearted son with a broken arm, took off his cast today. Yep, he just pulled his arm right out and said look Mom. UGH!!! So, we took another trip to the orthopedic and this time we have a splint. Oh do I dare mention that for a spout of five minutes until further investigation could be done....Joshua was about to have surgery. Praise God that He knows what I can handle.

Now, I admit I handled most of this stuff fairly well until my wonderful, loving husband called and shared the dagger. The amount of money we were to receive for the upcoming move is significantly less than ever anticipated. It won't cover the cost of the truck to move us. I was about to break down...okay I did.

So, now I have no solutions to my dilemmas except to pray and believe God to be huge. However, I can control the attitude of my mind and embrace this storm with a better outlook than 'poor me.'

So, today I am gonna praise God in this storm.

Top ten things to praise my God for...
1. My Salvation-by grace and not works I was saved from this ugly world of sin.
2. My Momma telling me how God loves me and how beautiful I am.
3. My husband for being the rock even when he feels like the sand is shifting.
4. My children...Kaleb's generosity; Joshua's genuine concern; Stephen's laugh and smile; and Micah's waddle and kisses!
5. My sister and family and brother and family for their unconditional love and desire to love my family through all sorts of ways.
6. For Billy, my brother in law, proposing to Shannon finally. We are so blessed to have such a jewel added to our family.
7. I am thankful to be able to go and visit my family this weekend and celebrate my grandfather's birthday.
8. I am thankful that I can get a full tank of gas for under $35 for my van.
9. I am thankful that my circumstance albeit small didn't knock God off his throne. Last I checked, He has ultimate control in all situations!
10. I am thankful that God gives me good gifts that far outweigh what I deserve.

For every good and perfect gift comes from God...

Alright, I think I am better now. I am gonna go clean up the kitchen area and take a nice hot shower..I should thank God now that I have running, warm water. Yep, praising God changes everything!

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Deja said...

Oh Susan! Dont' think I can do any physical thing to help know that I'm praying for you. For you to see how much HE loves you and your family and how much HE cares for the little details. Paying for a move isn't a little detail to you and yours...but is certainly a little detail to the One who holds the waters of the earth in the palm of His hand!