Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thinking Out Loud

So, I have been contemplating some deep questions lately. One of the most prevalent question on my heart is what would my response be if I knew something tragic would happen in 6 months. Tragic events in this case would be loss of a child or Mark. It could even be severe damage by a disease or accident to myself or immediate family.

I think my initial response would be extreme despair. I would cry and beg God to change His mind. I would probably make some physical changes too. I would sit with my child until he/she fell asleep every night. I wouldn't homeschool any longer. Our days would be filled with fun and memory making activities.

If I was loosing Mark, I would probably cater to his every desire. I would want him to tell me his dreams for each child. I would write his wisdom down for our children to learn from in years to come. I would embrace every hug and kiss completely differently.

In essence, I think I would embrace life more fully. Recently a young man was told he had 6 months to live. His response is telling anyone and everyone who will listen about the saving grace of God.

I would hope my response would be the same.

Sadly, God's Word is very clear that we will have many troubles in this world. Thankfully, God has also said that He has overcome this world. So, I guess at some point in time we will all have a tragedy that will come into our lives at some point in time.

As I get older, I realize the only real true thing in life is God. It is God that get me through each obstacle. It is God who comforts me through the night. It is God's Word that is alive and active in me that makes the attitude change...not the situation. My hopes is that I can prepare now for the sorrows later. I want to memorize His word and be grateful daily for His provisions. I want to have something to grasp onto in my deepest despair.

In contemplating this situation, maybe the real response to any grief should always be to fall in love with Jesus way before the sorrow comes my way.

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