Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Change is on the Horizon

Lately, my family of Super Heroes has had a buffet of changes. We have had small changes that have created havoc that eventually led to joy to large changes that have created joy that eventually led to melt downs. For example, Micah our HeBaby turned one. Well, you would think that he would enjoy flipping his car seat around. We did this adventure on a long trip so that he could watch our TV since he is scared of the dark. The boys and I planned what movies we would watch and waited in eager anticipation of Micah's excitement. To be honest, we were all excited about this venture. Well, we were excited, but Micah was freaking out. He cried a majority of the way. It was a dark journey. We were all ready to get out of the car. Small change horrible just plain awful reaction. It took a couple of weeks and lots of crying, but he now enjoys his big boy position. WHEW!

A few days ago we received our orders to once again move. We are excited about our new adventure. The boys are excited about the possibilities of exploring new territory and visiting new parks. However, the flip side is we will miss those whom we have come to love. We will miss the town that we just found the "back roads" to our favorite places. We will miss the family that lives so close. With all those misses a breakdown was sure to occur. It didn't take long. Approximately 24 hours from our news, the children began to attach to everything.

"No Momma don't throw away our night light." (It is broken and I offered to take a picture so that he could remember it.)

"I forgot my paper over Israel at church." Crying so hard that his face has turned red and splotchy. He spent five min. on this project and now it is his favorite paper.

"This is my favorite place."

"I only want to go back to California." I have to admit we all loved California, but I was stunned. It was so far from home and the boys wanted and desired warmer weather.

"Memories are a fabulous thing, but they can bring grief or joy. It is our choice how we will react." This was my "social work" approach last night. I don't think it is gonna work. I have a feeling the keeper boxes will be filled with all sorts of collectibles by the time we leave. Sounds like my boys have some of my Mother's and my Mother-in-Love's habits.

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