Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hidden Emotions

The spotlight beamed upon the solo dancer and her dark stage. Then a solemn song sprang from the speaker and the dance came to life. Her moves were low to the floor, her face had no expression, and her back was hunched. The mournful story had the audience captivated in silence that no one dared to break. Then a small tone in the music changed, and magic filled the air. The dancer’s eyes sparkled, her moves became higher and lighter, and her back straighten. The crowd was mesmerized. As the music changed so did the atmosphere, the room that once seemed filled of sorrow and pain, was now filled with joy and magic. The dancer came to life. She leaped across the floor with such grace and accuracy it appeared she could fly. When the music ended the auditorium burst with thunderous applause, for the dance had touched them all in different ways.  As the crowd left the auditorium all was silent for each person pondered the hidden emotion that the dance had uncovered.


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