Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Sunday, 10 October 2010


With a family of 7 we are never short on disappointments throughout our day. Almost every hour someone is aggravated, frustrated, or just plain hurt. Normally the cause of the dismay is a sharing or lack of sharing I should say. With time and a patient Mom, the issue is normally worked out.

Lately, we have had larger issues that have caused loud outcries in our household.

I need to make a side note... I want my children to be disappointed while at home. I know....I am mean like that. But, in reality I want to help my children learn how to deal with disappointments. I want them to have a bag of good coping skills and good Bible verses to get them through life. The Bible is very clear that we will have many troubles in this world.

Back to the outcry...

As I walked with Kaleb through his disappointment for not getting a part in a play that he wanted, I was reminded of my senior year in high school. I auditioned for speaking at my graduation ceremony. I was told that my speech was good and the delivery was good as well. But the time was shorter than he wanted. I was the alternate. I was crushed. In my eyes, I was better than the girl who received the honor of giving the graduation speech.

Now forward 17 years later. And I realized that very experience of disappointment was the beginning of learning that God has a plan for me and for those around me. Plans to prosper me and to give me a future. In lay terms, God has my back! I don't understand why I did not receive the privilege of speaking to my graduating class. Yet, I trusted God.

In hind sight, I can see that one of the best aspects of not getting to speak is I learned how to cheer others on. I remember my Uncle offering to go and flatten her tires. My response was a chuckle because I knew that God had ordained that night for her and not me. What growth I would have missed out on if I had allowed the root of anger or bitterness to take hold.

I say all this to say.... As I walk with my children down many roads of disappointments, I want to remember as I grieve with them for their "loss" that God has a perfect plan and all that is required is for us to trust God. Then I want to sit back and watch them flourish and pray against the weeds of anger, bitterness, and selfishness.

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Shelly said...

I'm filled with disappointment and sadness and I wanted to say your blogs helped me today. I still don't know how to deal with the information I've been given, but I know somehow, God will work it out. Either to disolve, or give me piece. I hope it's to disolve.
Thanks Susan for sharing yourself!