Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Random Thoughts

A good friend of mine has been teasing me for awhile that we don't live in Colorado we live in Kansas. So, to prove her point she took me on a tour of the "real" Colorado. Just to fill you in on some details...together we have 7 kids ranging from the age of 1 to 11. One of us are very use to driving across country the other one not so much. One of us drive through the mountains multiple times in the year, one of us has never driven through the mountains. With the large numbers, we were both forced to drive our cars. I think you are seeing the picture...

As we drove to the mountains, through the woods and over the river, I had many random thoughts. So, here I go....

  • 14 month olds do NOT like car seats. Everyone in both cars will back me up. A screaming child is no fun for no amount of time esspecially for hours upon hours.
  • Even a driver can get sick to her stomach as she drives those curvy, drop off roads.
  • 1 spilled drink during dinner out...not bad odds with 7 kids and one clumsy adult.
  • A lake, some mud, a few dozen rocks and a plethora of worms are more fun than a park regardless of your age. (A side note...I did allow ME to play in the mud too.--I know absolutely shocking. I have proof though.)
  • My children absolutely love hotel rooms.
  • A freezing pool doesn't scare children who adore swimming.
  • One small disagreement in a 37 hour period of time with 7 kids...the grace of God.

Bottom line after my journey to the mountains, my friend is right I live in Kansas.

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Lori said...

But Colorado is only a two hour drive away ;) So no need to fret!