Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Last night as I returned home from going out to eat, I should have known something was wrong. I wasn't hungry. I was freezing on the patio as I ate. I was overall blah. I love getting out doing fun things, but last night I was ick. It really didn't hit me until much later that night that I was sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.

As I finally dropped my head on my pillow to quickly go to sleep before another bout of sickness hit me, I prayed that God would be kind and let the kids sleep in. Well, an hour later ME, in true ME fashion, woke up. God was ever faithful and blessed me and she went back down without much of an issue. I quickly fell asleep again.

I was awoken again at 5 with sounds of a sick child in the bathroom. As I dashed to the kids bathroom, I was overtaken with thankfulness that he wasn't throwing up. My least favorite child's illness. So, as I helped him down and carried him to my bed, I agonized over how many children I would wake up hearing that they were sick.

As the sun rose, Micah woke up at 6. It wasn't long to find out the he and ME were also joining Stephen and me in the roll call of being sick.

I prayed this morning that God would show me who to call for help. Having a stomach bug pretty much decreases the chances of having help..but I held out hope.

Well, today hope didn't come like I thought. In fact, hope came in a weird way. My older two helped out greatly. My younger two took amazing naps. Now, I have to really iterate this point. ME doesn't sleep well. An hour is the longest she ever sleeps. Today she took 2 naps for almost 2 hours each. Micah took a 3.5 hour nap. I was able to rest and sleep peacefully.

So maybe, just maybe God allowed for the little ones to get sick so that I may have the rest I desperately needed. God is always providential even in illnesses. Would you not agree?

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