Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Friday, 4 June 2010

Trip vs Vacation

Lately, I have been debating this in my head. Many think we are on vacation, but I am not convinced.

Vacation to me is when one relaxes and lets go of all the normal jobs. My spa day was a perfect illustration of a vacation. I changed no diapers, disciplined no child, nor did I fix anyone a snack. It was a day that I relaxed and "worried" only about myself. Now, I couldn't do this for long periods of time because it isn't in my nature. In fact, when I saw cups left out I had to fight the urge to not "clean" up. Taking care of my family is my job and I actually enjoy it most days. Yet, the day at the spa provided a relaxed atmosphere which allowed me to rejuvenate before moving. It allowed me to vacate...vacation at its finest.

Now, that brings me to today. We are presently on a trip. We have traveled to Florida with Mark to be with him while he trains for his next position. This experience is a trip. I have to literally "work" at having fun for the kids. For example, yesterday the kids an I went to the beach. It was stinkin hot and the water was warm too. So, cooling down was not an option. It took me over an hour to get all our gear and lunches made to go out to the beach in a cost effective manner. Than it took another 30 min. searching for an umbrella for the beach, which we never found. So, then we went to the beach and ate our sandy lunches. Afterwards, I put sun screen on everyone and that took another 20 min. Then I proceeded to nurse the baby and then we could go out to the water area....oh wait nope I must change a diaper. So, after all that I tracked to the ocean with my hands full of babies, toys, and towels. I played in the water for 5 min. with my little ones and decided to capture this moment on film. So, back up to the car I ran-the sand was hot. As I went back down to the water front and captured my beautiful children on film, I received a phone call from Mark. He was done and needed to be picked up. He needed to run errands quickly to put out his own fires. So now we have spent all of 30 min. at the beach and in the water. Now, here comes the fun part. I had to hussle my children back up to the pavilion to rinse them off and get them into the van. It probably took another 20-30 min. So, yes this a trip..a place where Momma works hard to make sure her small children enjoy their surroundings.

Some may ask was it worth bet it was! I saw smiles, heard giggles, and saw life reenter my children. Plus we saw jumping fish, schools of fish, and a large ship.

Who could have asked for a better "trip"?

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