Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Forever Home

Along with embarking upon a new journey in the area of occupation, we have also embarked upon finding a permanent home. Gone are the days of moving from one rent house to another. Gone are the days of thinking we should keep that box it will pack my _____ very well. Gone are the days of moving here and there. My forever dream is coming true. Never ever have I stayed in a house for more than 3 years in my life time. This new home that we are presently building will be my forever home.
This particular house is not a headache it is a joy. It has been an overwhelming, joyful task to pick out carpet, vinyl, exterior paint, etc.. We were blessed to be able to pick out the largest lot and see our house go from a dream to reality within weeks.

I received pictures yesterday of my home and I fell in love. I can't believe that God is gracing Mark and I along with our 5 children with such a large, beautiful home. I am so excited about decorating it and making memories in my forever home. The boys have all picked out their decor. We have a room where the Force will be strong and in another room heroes are abundant. We are all so excited to get moved in and began our creation.

It will take time to get everything just like we love it, but in time our house will become our FOREVER home. So, yes we are finally getting rid of all those boxes and calling it quits on moving. We are now forever Home-at least on this side of Heaven.
Every good and perfect gift comes from God.


Chris said...

Don't throw your boxes away -- we'll take them! :)

Anonymous said...

That's what we refer to our soon-to-be-home "our forever house". I love the sound of it-such permanence, a place for our children to look back and remember AND still be able to come home to!

Laura W. said...

I couldn't be any happier for your family. Miss you.