Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A Rambling Random Post

Throughout this trip I have thought about various things that I wanted to share with my closest friends. So, to stop the insane amount of facebook status overloads I have been saving them for such a post.

  • I bought my first tank top bikini bottom swim suit. It has been the best investment. I could give you several reasons. However, the main reason is I can now nurse and not "feel" like I have to totally undress. Oh, what freedom I have found. Sadly, it only took me 5 kids to invest in such swim suit.

  • Mary-Elizabeth is swimming with water wings. She is so cute. I love to see her move around the pool with such ease. Not certain where she has gotten her love for swimming, but I will take it.

  • Kaleb and Joshua has both began jumping in the pool doing flips. They have both braved up in the last few weeks of swimming.

  • The more we swim the more freckles I get per my children. FYI, I wear 50 spf. Yep, I am too old to burn.

  • We added to our extended Proctor clan this past week. Mark's cousin's wife had a baby girl Paige. Her pictures show that she has kept up the Proctor tradition and comes out of the womb beautifully perfect. I hope to see that sweet little one.

  • Micah was terrified of the water. It didn't help that he almost drowned once and fell into the hot tub once. He is now swimming all over the pool with his swim vest and "wing floaties." It has opened up my enjoyability of the pool to have him enjoy our daily pool time.

  • Stephen is quite a fish too. He can swim all over the pool without any swim helpers, but he almost drowned on my watch. So, in fear he wears his swim vest and plays games with his brothers.

  • The humidity here in Florida is absolutely crazy. Little girl sweats regularly. Her curls are really cute though!

Alright I guess that is enough rambling for now...Enjoy!

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