Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Just a few random things going through my head.

  • I had my first spa day. It might have spoiled me.
  • Mark is gone for several days. Movers come in 30 hours and I feel like I am two weeks behind.
  • Mary-Elizabeth has a horrible cough tonight and I think I might loose a bit of sleep over it.
  • Tomorrow I will make coffee for one and realize that this is my "new" life. It will make me look forward to making coffee for two.
  • I made my to do list and realized that being focused is not my strong point this week.
  • My hair was cut today and I like it.
  • Kaleb was extra sweet tonight. He stayed up with me to help me clean up some areas of our home.
  • I tried booking a hotel tonight for next week and realized that most of the hotels have no vacancies.
  • Joshua doesn't like his dad away and asked for me to stay close to him. So sweet to have my 8 year old hold my hand.
  • Stephen's smile can still melt my heart and get him out of trouble.
  • Micah is still very passionate, but is completely crazy about loving on me and his sister. Sometimes love hurts.
  • I took all 5 kids to the mall and we bought the rest of our summer clothes. I even made them go bathing suit shopping with me. Too much fun! We did have a successful day though. All kids did make it back home in once piece.
  • Alright, I need to go to bed so that I may get up and take the kids to church.

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Lori said...

The coffee comment made me sad...if you want to make coffee for two, call me up, I will come over :D