Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Monday, 6 July 2009

Mary-Elizabeth Janice Update

Today was a great example of God showing off. We are so blessed to have a God who cares for us and answers our prayers. He has given us the desires of our heart. Mary-Elizabeth is doing very well. She had no sign of the cyst on her brain.

The doctor was very grateful that we came in and explained that sometimes a sonogram can project images that are not there. She remembered my case from talking to my doctor and was very specific about the cyst and its placement. So, either their was never a cyst or my God removed the cyst--either way I am praising my Abba!

So, we have a God that can move mountains, change water into wine, heal the lame and make the dead alive. It is always a fabulous thing to see God be Big in our lives.

Mary-Elizabeth is growing well and has chubby cheeks and the most adorable frown. We are in love with our daughter and we wait anxiously to see her face to face and sing Praises to our God. Not much longer...

Lifting my hands up and praising my KING,

Super Momma

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Deja said...

Oh, Susan, God is so good, isn't He? What a lesson for us in this! Praising Him, along with you!