Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The End of an Era...

We are fast approaching the birth of our daughter and with her birth she will bring an end to an era in the Proctor home. We will no longer be known as the family of all boys.

I can no longer say, 'boys load up.' Yep, things will have to change.

I will not be able to sign our family name as Mark and Susan and Boys. Yep, change is on the horizon.

Our home will no longer just consist of Star Wars and Super Heroes. Somewhere baby dolls will need to fit in. Change is approaching.

Blue is still the predominant color in our home....but pink is slowly over taking its spot. Pink fills her room and her closet and someday it will fill our home with her sweet personality.

So, how do you accept change and embrace the future?

Well, I think we give it one day at a time. We are blessed that no matter what your gender is you still come out of the womb the same way. She will still need to be changed, fed, and loved. Not much of a difference. The difference only lies in the clothes and of course bows we will put in her hair. Mark has already commented on how he will know which bloomers go with what dress.

Oh what fun...

I can't put it better than Kaleb did yesterday at the allergist. When asked about having a sister after having 3 brothers, Kaleb's response was classic Kaleb.

"I don't know how it is gonna be, but it is gonna be fun."

Well, I don't know how my life is gonna change as we progress into a new era, but I bet it is gonna be fun!

Super Momma

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