Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Spoiled by God

One of my deepest dreams has been to have a school area or room. A room that would provide a place of comfort and fun for my children as they proceed to blossom in the knowledge and wisdom of God's dominion. A place free of 'small' distractions. A place they could call their own.

Well, my dream came true. I can now homeschool in one spot and keep my small children from playing in the middle of the table. God blessed my family with an absolutly large home. My home is large enough for a play room and a school room. They are connected but divided which is very important when it comes to teaching intricate studies such as Phonics and Penmanship.

This week has been our first week to utilize the space and I am in love. Micah cannot get on top of the table and proceed to write all over the books before I have time to get him down. Stephen can't bring a load of toys and play on the table. Best of all, I don't have to clean up our mess before each meal. AH! Sweet Relief!

Another thing I love is the ability to have school type posters on the wall and it not be in my dinning room. I am estatic about my new found freedom and will be utilizing it greatly while we are here.

I love being spoiled by God. He knows exactly what I need and He even gives me what I truly want.

"Delight in the Lord your God and He will give the desires of your Heart!"

This heart is elated by God's blessings! May your heart be blessed and encouraged as we walk this narrow road together!

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