Family of Warriors

Family of Warriors

Sunday, 4 January 2009


The boys have blessed my heart greatly. My Incredible Hunk has done more in the last few weeks then should be asked of any one person. He deserves applause from all who know him. He has worked around the clock to make certain that my life is easier when he returns to work. He has changed more diapers then he deserves. He has been the rock that we have all needed.

While I have been adjusting to this thing called pregnancy, the boys have all done their part to make me feel loved. Micah brings his sweet blanket, pacifier and cup to lay down with me and rest. I have enjoyed holding him as he goes off to sleep.

Stephen has blessed my heart many times. He runs up to me and says, "Mom, your the best mom in the universe." Then he runs away. Oh, I love that I am still the best Mom even though I can't be the Mom I want to be right now.

Joshua, is a love and has a funny side to him. He entertains me by telling me stories or by telling me jokes. He keeps me smiling and feeling important as the days carry on.

Kaleb is such a great help and is trying to do many tasks. He learned how to cook chicken noodle soup all by himself, of course with my supervision and detailed instructions. He also comes to give me hugs several times a day. He just can't get enough.

The boys, mainly Stephen, calls this baby his 'sister'. My hope is that this baby is healthy and that I survive the next few weeks until I am out of this yucky part.

My life is full of precious things that continue to bless me daily. I pray that as 2009 passes I count my blessings every moment. My prayer for each of you is to count each day as the blessing it is.

Soon, I will post pictures and my thoughts of 2008 and my hopes for 2009.

Just to let you know...I count writing this blog as a blessing to me. Thanks for letting me share my dreams, my heart aches, my funnies, my love and my hopes.

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